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- NEW: SK-EX Competition Grand rendering piano sound, specially recorded from the player’s perspective

- IMPROVED: Piano optimized sampling filter, premium dual DAC components, and redesigned speaker configuration

- IMPROVED: TwinDrive soundboard speaker system, with upgraded primary and secondary transducers

- IMPROVED: Anti-glare LCD touchscreen with updated UI, enhanced operation, and backlight-off ability

- IMPROVED: Virtual Piano Artisan (formerly Virtual Technician), unified functionality for Rendering sounds

- IMPROVED: Bluetooth MIDI v5, Bluetooth Audio v5 for reduced latency and enhanced audio quality

- IMPROVED: Upright piano cabinet design with refined keyboard, pedal, and music rest positionWith an advanced Soundboard Speaker System featuring more powerful transducers, plus new front-facing speakers combined with 360-degree speaker diffuser panels for the top speakers, the CA901 digital piano delivers an amazing concert grand piano experience that can be enjoyed by players and listeners alike.


To provide outstanding performance, the Grand Feel III keyboard action with Ivory & Ebony Touch key surfaces is combined with a brand-new Competition Grand Shigeru Kawai SK-EX Rendering piano sound engine (featuring multi-channel sampling and resonance modelling).

A new contemporary cabinet design, along with an anti-glare LCD touchscreen and dynamic new piano sounds contribute to why the CA901 is in a class by itself among hybrid digital pianos.


For more information please visit:

Kawai CA-901 Digital Upright 40"

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