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It's A Family Tradition

Meet The Schaeffer's

Four Generations of Piano Craftsmen

The Schaeffer family began buying, selling and refurbishing pianos back in 1901. John Pierre Schaeffer, a German cabinet-maker, founded the company. Now leading the third generation at the Schaeffer Piano Company, Rick Schaeffer keeps the family tradition alive.


The Passion & Master Craftsman

Rick Schaeffer learned his trade from his grandfather John and his father Albert. He started at the age of 11, when he would visit the piano shop after school. Now he is a master at solving problems in piano repairs, appraising pianos and fixing pianos. Rick Schaeffer's passion is the restoration and repairs of pianos, but it is his expertise in rebuilding that has allowed him to offer the best-made American, European and Asian instruments for sale in his store at excellent prices.


Nickelodeon Piano on display at the Smithsonian

"Have you ever seen an instrument like this? The Nickelodeon was built over five years, from 1967-1972, by my Dad and me. The Nickelodeon roll cabinet came out while my Father, Al Schaeffer, was restoring upright player pianos for Shakey's Pizza Parlors. The Nickelodeon was his inspiration from that job... the piece consists of piano parts, pipe organ parts, cymbals, a triangle, bass drum, snare drum and Grandma Schaeffer's Hoover vacuum cleaner.⁠ This photo is of me, standing by this unique piece in 1992 - during an elementary school class field trip. We've had countless educational music field trips over the years and I enjoy every one."

- Rick Schaeffer

Education & Community Appreciation


Tours of the piano repair facilities are sometimes given to schools, civic groups, and others in appreciation of the piano restoration art form. This photo was taken around 1999, as Rick Schaeffer speaks to a Darnestown Elementary School class about the science of sound and how a piano works. His eldest daughter, Megan Schaeffer, looks on from the left in her colorful tank top.

"I have the fondest memories of my Dad speaking to my class. As an adult over twenty years later, I cherish this time with family and friends. I feel so fortunate to be a part of such a rich legacy of craftspeople with a strong work ethic; how lucky I am to have a goofy, charismatic, and intelligent Dad that cared enough to take the time to share his passion with my buddies."

- Megan Schaeffer

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