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If Billy Eilish says it, it must be true, right?

“We had everything we needed. We had piano, guitar, ukuleles, every type of everything. That was what was great about the way we grew up. It really makes a difference to have a piano in the home. I feel like everybody, even if you don’t play the piano, you should have a piano. Every time I go into a house and it doesn’t have a piano, I’m like, what are you doing?”

— Billie Eilish

Billy Eilish Playing The Piano

She said it, folks. Eilish has to know something, being one of the most successful recording young artists of the past few years. Her music is contemporary and unique, and while it deviates from our usual Coltrane, Peterson, and Wonder, we tap our feet to a few songs in her line up. Do we sound old? Yeah. Are we old? Also, yeah. We have about a million years combined of experience refinishing, tuning, moving, appraising, and selling pianos (a million may be a slight overestimate) which make the years worth it.

Having a piano in the home is a simple luxury, a joy, educational, and spiritual for some. While many people play often, others have a piano as a conversation starter, as something for a loved one or new friend to do at a dinner party to entertain and delight. Whatever the purpose, a piano is a staple.

Here is one of our favorite pianos of the moment, the 5' Kawai GL-10 Baby Grand in a Mahogany polish. In 2016, the Kawai GL Series Professional Grand Pianos were named “Product of the Year” by MMR Magazine. This honor positioned the GL Series as the most popular piano line in the global music products industry and confirmed the exceptional quality and performance of this outstanding line of instruments. The introductory model of the GL Series, the GL-10, is the finest 5’0″ baby grand piano in its class.

Call or email us to learn more about this beauty. We are one of the only authorized dealers of Kawai in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) and would be happy to tell you more about Kawai's products. And If you're looking for something a bit more vintage, restored, etc, we have a showroom full of beautiful instruments we would love to show you in-person or virtually.

As always from The Schaeffer's - we hope you have a safe, steady day (our 2020 standby saying) and enjoy your weekend.


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